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Formed in Vancouver, Canada in 1996 with Yusuke Osawa ( Sawa-U ) and his younger brother Yu. Based in his hometown of Imabari, Ehime, he creates / activities with his childhood friends, classmates, successive members, and staff (* see the work introduction). Disbanded on May 20, 2013 , leaving behind a number of albums and singles.

"What live if servants" 2018 Ehime heavy rain disaster reconstruction united front live (hometown Ehime Otsu held) to the wake, Yusuke Osawa (爽遊), niece round, Masakazu Hara (the band apart), Abe Keisho interest (Kokariku The new Yuterasu was born with four people from 4D).

April 18, 2020   The virgin song "Hinomaru"  

Published on Youtube from the Asian gothic label.

2021 August 4   The new album "Windless"

Released on the Asian gothic label.

Four people and one like a hymn.

UTERUS does not fight.

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Left → Kaori Abe, Meimaru, Masakazu Hara, Yusuke Osawa