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Four people and one like a hymn. (+ ONE)

Yusuke Osawa / Sawa Yu

Song, guitar

May 20, 1978 43 years old. No gender.

Born in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, raised in the countryside.

A Japanese musician like a hymn.

He is in charge of poetry and composition for most of UTERUS's songs.

Dora, the cat who once lived with her, is her best friend. Grandma. I grow up listening to my grandma's ghost story every Saturday.

Imabari Municipal Tachibana Elementary and Middle School OB.

Firefly club OB. Boxing club founded (disappeared in one generation)

First Director of Haiku Club (Imabari City Haiku Tournament Gold Award)

Transferred to junior high school in Auckland, New Zealand and graduated from high school in Vancouver, Canada. In high school, he was enrolled in art majors such as theater, poster art, ceramics, and brass band. Graduated from the Business Department of the Muse Academy of Music. Dropped out of Nihon Fukushi University.

When I was in high school, I ran a rental recording studio in a studio that was remodeled from a garage. My mother is a businessman and my father-in-law (Canada) is a writer. My brother and brother who live in Tokyo are music producers. My wife and family are UTERUS Meimaru.

My favorite machine (favorite guitar) is "Halelujah DEATH Fender (commonly known as Fenderion)". Yuterasu Freaks (listener / fan) is called "Kimi".

From April 2020, his own studio / label Marumaria Studio / Team rhythmo 18 was rebuilt and founded. His works are being released regularly as Sawa-U. He works as an engineer and mixer for all works. Also in charge of MUSIC VIDEO production and advertising design.

He is a long-term care welfare worker and has been engaged in the field for about 10 years. During that time, he was mainly in charge of supporting the independence of children with higher brain function (midway) and intellectual disabilities (developmental disabilities, etc.).

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Masakazu Hara

→ Bass and harmony

Born in 1978. Active as a bassist and vocalist of the rock band "the band apart". He also writes and composes songs. Formed the band apart in 1998. In addition to providing music to artists, he also participates in ghost story events.

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Meimaru (Meito Ladybug Maru)

→ Painting, piano and harmony

Born and raised in Machida, a suburb of Tokyo.

He started learning the piano when he was young, and when he was a student, he belonged to the brass band club and bite the horn, trumpet, and saxophone.

From an early age, he became an adult with extreme shyness.

In 2011, he joined UTERUS, the first band in his life, without knowing right or left.

Later, at the church in Izu, he met the ladybug "Maru" and the family was completed. After that, the whole family started "Red Man and Toratsubaki" with a "folk like a hymn".

* Maru (ladybugs) are the inner persons of Mei and each other.

"Maru" is a very kind child who says everything, but is loved by everyone.

Currently working at a clinic in Tokyo

Active at UTERUS.

I draw all the pictures related to UTERUS.

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Meimaru 's handmade accessory shop 🐞🍀 I create it when I think of it whimsically. Please take a look 🤍

Kaori Abe

→ Drum

Born in Hyogo prefecture and raised in Imabari city, Ehime prefecture.

He started playing the piano in the first grade of elementary school and was frustrated in the third grade of elementary school.

I was shocked by the coolness of the drum set that I had at my senior's home when I was in the brass band club in junior high school, so I formed a band in high school and started playing drums.

Enrolled in UTERUS for a while while living in Imabari, Kansai, and Kanto. Rebooted in 2018. In past works, he has performed drums with "UNITE" and "Rechia" recorded in "New Yutero," "Otona Kills," "Fireworks," and "Bodhisattva, Tokyo Makaritsu."

Currently also active in the piano rock band "Kokariku 4D"

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Hayato Kami

→ Live Support Guitarist

Worked at Lawson Hatoyama Izui store for 10 years until 2018. Acting as a deputy store manager at the branch.

Runner-up at the 2019 Tsuruga Castle Sakura Festival, Coke Early Drinking Tournament.

Currently dispatched to a chocolate factory.

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